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Auto Radiator Repair & Replacement

Radiator repair is a necessary fact of life for just about every car owner. Your car’s radiator works like the air conditioner in your house to keep your engine cool. But radiators tend to get clogged, corroded, suffer from wear and tear, and develop leaks. The last thing you want is to have a problem develop when you are on the road, so properly maintaining your car’s cooling system is vital to a safe and happy ride.

Here at Park Muffler Radiator Brakes & Tires, we provide radiator repair service for vehicles of all types. We will make sure your radiator or heat exchanger is in proper working order by ensuring all components are tested by our licensed technicians.

What we offer: 

  • Test your radiator pressure cap, ensuring that it keeps the system at the proper pressure level.
  • Check your thermostat, making sure it performs correctly.
  • Do a pressure test, checking for any leaks in the radiator, water pump, engine coolant passages, hoses or heater core.
  • Do an internal leak test to see if any combustion gas from the engine compartment is leaking into the cooling system.
  • Visually inspect all the hoses and belts related to the cooling system.
  • Power flush your cooling system and refill the coolant to the proper level
  • Test the engine fan for proper operation.

For all your needs regarding radiators whether it has to do with your automobile, a heavy truck or heavy equipment, Park Muffler is your repair specialist. We clean, repair and replace all kinds of radiators including industrial ones. Contact us today! 

Helpful Tips

Changing engine oil, getting a tune-up and rotating tires are things most of us try to have done to our car on a regular basis. So what is the best way to avoid an unexpected or costly cooling system breakdown? Regular, routine maintenance, including periodic flushing of the radiator and frequent checking of coolant levels will keep the system working well. Should a problem develop, get it repaired right away before further engine damage occurs. 

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