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Out of Province Vehicle Inspections

All vehicles registered in another province must complete a one-off Out of Province (OPI) vehicle inspection before they can be registered and driven in Alberta. This inspection must be completed within three months of your vehicle entering Alberta.

What does an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection involve?

An OPI consists of a full inspection of the condition of your vehicle, including all its components – fuel and exhaust systems, electrical, engine controls, powertrain, driveline, steering, suspension, braking systems, wiring and lights, tires, glass, wipers and defrosters.

The structural integrity and general condition of your vehicle’s body and windshields are also inspected, ensuring that your vehicle is fully roadworthy and ready for driving in Alberta’s sometimes harsh weather conditions.

Out of Province Vehicle Inspections in Edmonton

Conveniently located in Sherwood Park close to Edmonton, Park Muffler Radiator Brakes & Tires specializes in evaluating a vehicle for condition reporting, offering a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of your vehicle and its individual components.

Locally owned and operated in since 1979, Park Muffler has built a reputation for professional, honest, and affordable vehicle servicing, maintenance, and repair work. Our friendly team of highly-experienced mechanics will perform a thorough OPI, and offer you easy to follow preventive maintenance tips that will keep your car performing well in Alberta’s driving conditions.

Come in today for your Out of Province Inspection or contact us to schedule your automotive inspection appointment. We are here to ensure that your vehicle is operating to its optimum performance and safety.

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