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vern clarke
vern C.
16:57 16 May 19
I had an emergency to get my wheel bearings changed and it was on a Saturday. Thinking it would be hard to find a place to do the work, I called Park Muffler who has done work on my vehicle in the past. I needed my vehicle to get to work up north for Monday so I was in a panic. The owner said to me we’ll do our best to get it done for you. They called me before noon and said your truck was ready. I was so happy. When I went to pick it up he told me he had two mechanics working on it so it would get done today. I was very pleased at the work they have done and on such short notice. I would recommend Park Muffler to anyone. This is not the first time they helped us out. Great service and kind people. They get it fixed.. thanks Park Muffler.. Vern Clarke.. V.E. Clarke Welding Inc.
Ryan Nicolini
Ryan N.
22:23 15 May 19
Just amazing!!!!! My wife and I have hand built our 1966 mustang coupe Sweetmarie together over the past 2 years. So we are very selective on who and were we take her to. My dad has been dealing with Alta custom exhaust and park performance for years. We had originally booked her in for the wheel alignment at Alta custom ( which is there sister store) but something had come up at the last minute and they could not take our appointment . Ed the owner of both stores contacted me last night saying that he would ensure to get us in. He called early Friday morning and told me to bring her in. I was astounded at his customer service . When we arrived we were welcomed by him personally and his mechanic Harry was just superfantastick!!!!! He also has a 67 fastback quarter mile car. I was so relived to find a state of the art alignment rack and facilitie. He let me pull the car in myself and was so awsome on talking with us about the process and what he had done. In shortly over a hour was complete. Test drive was fantastic!!!. With a car like ours he took great care to do it perfectly and was super careful to not scratch the frame and inner fenders. Hats off to Ed and Harry . We thank you so much for treating our baby with the utmost care. Exellent knowledge and workmanship. We are now forever customers. A absolute perfect 5 stars!!!!😎j
Blaise Nkulikiyimana
Blaise N.
21:25 14 May 19
I loved the experience that I had at park muffler They really did a great job for my Jeep Wrangler The people there to they really treat you like a friend best place to go for a repair your vehicle
Mahonnath K
Mahonnath K
17:48 14 May 19
The best in business
mike kinnee
mike K.
01:03 12 May 19
Been going here for over 20 years, always great service at fair rates. They just did a new exhaust on my new challenger, looks and sounds amazing!
Randy Mcconkey
Randy M.
01:27 07 May 19
Best place ever, never ever had a complaint, theyve always helped me every time. Five star.
Damien Torringa
Damien T.
00:33 07 May 19
Lisa M.
Lisa M.
13:47 06 May 19
I visited Park Muffler for a tire changeover after being turned away by several places that were quoting many days, if not weeks. After calling PM, they...
Joey the Vaping Biker
Joey the Vaping B.
21:10 04 May 19
They do great work at reasonable prices. I would recommend them to anybody.
Derrick Sokalski
Derrick S.
16:36 03 May 19
Great service. Very quick and awesome quality work. Looks great and sounds even better.
Tyler H
Tyler H
11:19 01 May 19
I had a really good experience with the guys at park muffler. I took my Lexus IS350 in to get some new mufflers and tips done and they did a very professional job. Looks clean underneath and the price was pretty good. Would go back.
Brandon Noel
Brandon N.
12:06 30 Apr 19
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