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    Service Overview

    The catalytic converter is an important part of your vehicle that reduces the toxicity of the engine exhaust. When a catalytic converter needs repair or replacement, this can pose serious health risks for you and your passengers.

    For catalytic converter repair and replacement in the Edmonton area, Park Muffler offers exceptional and comprehensive vehicle service. We guarantee the highest standard in repair and replacement work for all your engine needs! If you’re concerned about the current state of your catalytic converter, here are some signs you should watch out for as well as information about repair and replacement:

    Signs of a Broken Catalytic Converter

    Paying attention to your vehicle’s sounds, smell, and performance is key to determining if you are having an issue with your catalytic converter.

    Here are some signs you should watch out for:

    • Check Engine Light: The sudden appearance of your check engine light can mean many things, but it indicates an emissions issue. Have our professional technicians inspect your car right away if your check engine light comes on.
    • Increased Emissions: When your catalytic converter isn’t doing its job, your car will emit too much carbon monoxide – which is dangerous and should be remedied right away.
    • Strange Smells: If your exhaust smells like rotten eggs and burnt oil, your engine is emitting more fuel than necessary and not converting toxins into less harmful substances. Again, this needs to be dealt with immediately!
    • Rattling Noises: Rattling or clinking sounds coming from under your hood can indicate that your catalytic converter is broken and metal has broken off on the inside, which can eventually damage other components of your vehicle.
    • Holes: If you take a look at your catalytic converter and notice holes, it’s time to have it replaced. This is not a common sign of a broken converter but it can happen and your car won’t run properly with this problem.

    A broken catalytic converter is not an issue you can put off for another day. If you notice any of these signs, book an appointment with Park Muffler right away!

    Should I Repair or Replace My Catalytic Converter?

    Simply put, if you notice any of the above signs when it comes to your catalytic converter, it will need to be replaced. However, replacing your catalytic converter does not have to be an expensive ordeal! Aftermarket replacement options are available and more cost-effective than stock/OEM – but work just as well. Plus, they are significantly less prone to catalytic converter theft.

    Otherwise, it is possible to repair or clean a catalytic converter. This would be appropriate in cases where you are noticing decreased performance and gas mileage, poor acceleration, and a sluggish start. These issues are commonly caused by a clog in the catalytic converter.

    How to Fix a Catalytic Converter

    If your catalytic converter is showing signs of clogging, you have two options: Clean it yourself or visit a professional.

    You know which one we recommend but to give you an idea of what fixing your catalytic converter entails, here are the steps:

    • Lift your car up using a jack and locate the catalytic converter.
    • Spray the front and rear bolts with WD-40 and let them soak overnight.
    • Unscrew the bolts with a long socket arm and a standard wrench on the nut to hold it in place.
    • Placing the converter upright, spray brake cleaner inside. Let it soak and shake out as much liquid as you can.
    • Turn it around and repeat the process.
    • Let it dry and bolt it back into place.

    Because catalytic converters are prone to theft in the Edmonton area, they are notoriously difficult to remove. However, you can also try what is known as the “Italian Tune-Up” where you drive and keep the RPMs in the mid-to-high range for 10-30 minutes. This won’t harm the engine and may help clean out your catalytic converter.

    Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

    Park Muffler designs and installs catalytic converter cages completely custom to your vehicle. These protect the care against catalytic converter theft. View examples of our cages below and contact our team to learn more.

    Our Catalytic Converter Services

    Our team of expert technicians at Park Muffler service vehicles in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, and Northern Alberta. We offer professional and comprehensive catalytic converter repair and replacement along with other mechanical services.

    If you’re concerned about the state of your catalytic converter, get in touch with us or book your appointment right away!


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    What Our Customers Say

    Very professional and trustworthy. Had a real good experience.
    Sandeep Ghuman
    Sandeep G.
    23:25 04 Feb 23
    Sahib and the team at Park Muffler exceeded my expectations! I took my car in to have the muffler replaced. They not only did an awesome job on the muffler, they fixed all of the exhaust hangers as well. Repair cost was exactly as quoted. Will be back!
    Chris Dahl
    Chris D.
    19:09 29 Jan 23
    Brought my truck in for some custom exhaust work, amazing job, sounds great and they were very quick. They go over exactly what you want and actually take time to show you different options. Friendly staff as well
    Ethan Moshuk
    Ethan M.
    20:01 28 Jan 23
    Park Muffler recently installed a new catalytic converter for me after I had mine stolen. They also installed a custom catalytic converter cage, which looks very impressive! They got my vehicle into the shop right away and finished the repair the same day! They were great to deal with, walked me through the whole process, and put my mind at ease after I received inaccurate information from my insurance company. I highly recommend Park Muffler and will be using them for any future needs!
    Nicole D
    Nicole D
    23:37 27 Jan 23
    Great staff. Thank you Ed for going out of your way to accommodate.Pricing good and the customer service is outstanding. I will certainly be back!
    Judy Decloedt
    Judy D.
    15:23 26 Jan 23
    This shop does a great job on exhaust and listens to what you prefer they also helped fix the last gauge for my LS swap I would recommend this place to anyone
    Joe Lima
    Joe L.
    19:05 24 Jan 23
    Fantastic customer service, The staff was very friendly and accommodating to me and my budget. They even stayed later just to get my exhaust put on. 10/10, Highly recommend if you need to go anywhere!
    23:21 21 Jan 23
    These guys are awesome! I brought them a loose knuckle at 2pm on a Saturday (when they close at 3) and they happily pressed in a new bearing for me so last minute. And they did it quick! Had a nice conversation while I was waiting and gave me a great price on the labour. I will definitely come here again when I have an issue with my vehicle!
    ivana waning
    ivana W.
    21:44 21 Jan 23
    Ed and his staff were very friendly and accommodating. I took in my exhaust pipe for my skidoo, they were not sure if they could fix it. Called me the same day told me it was repaired. Told me the price. When I got there the front counter guy told me Ed wanted to see me when I went to pay. Ed came out asked how it looked and told me go, Enjoy your ride your skidoo. It’s on the house . Amazing service . I would highly recommend park rad and muffler for any of your needs. Thank you Ed and your staff. Paxton Cummings .
    Paxton Cummings
    Paxton C.
    15:11 18 Jan 23
    After I had my catalytic converter stolen, I called Park Muffler to see if they could do a replacement. They were able to get me in the same day (a Saturday too!) and have the work completed within a few hours. The staff was helpful and professional, and the pricing was very reasonable!
    Jillian Gordon
    Jillian G.
    21:42 14 Jan 23

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