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Muffler Repair & Custom Aftermarket Mufflers

    Service Overview

    The muffler is an important part of your exhaust system, designed specifically to control engine noise. This cylindrical component is attached to the exhaust and filters out the loud, explosive sounds that come from the engine.

    If you look toward the back of your exhaust system, the muffler is a rounded box-like structure composed of an interior set of tubes that are engineered to reflect sound waves back and forth in order to reduce noise.

    Even if you are not entirely certain how your muffler works, you will definitely know when it is not working. A damaged muffler typically does not go unnoticed.

    Muffler Service & Repair

    The most common symptom of a damaged muffler is a significant increase in exhaust sound. You may notice loud, rattling and vibration-related noises as well as a pronounced growl or roar as you turn on the engine.

    When there is damage to the muffler it is unable to do its job – which is muffle the sound carried from the engine through the exhaust pipes. This results in loud exhaust noise, which could actually break local noise and sound bylaws.

    Other indications of a damaged muffler include shaking while driving, consuming more fuel and engine misfire.

    An engine misfire occurs when the engine produces a stuttering sound and jerking movement when turning on the vehicle. If any part of a vehicle’s exhaust system is damaged, such as hole in the muffler, it can cause the engine to misfire.

    If you are experiencing any of these signs of muffler damage, please contact Park Muffler today.

    Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in muffler repair and replacement. How we repair your muffler depends on age and extent of damage, but we are more than prepared and qualified to perform repairs from minor to complex.

    Custom Aftermarket Muffler Solutions

    Black Widow Muffler

    When it comes to customizing your muffler, Park Muffler offers the best parts selection, high quality tools and highly qualified technicians to take care of your muffler system.
    We specialize in muffler and exhaust systems and can offer customization options such as:

    Finding the right muffler for your vehicle is a matter of fit, type and construction. We stock high quality brands such as Black WidowMagnaflowFlowproFlowmaster, and Pacesetter. Our technicians can help you choose the perfect muffler or custom exhaust option by taking into consideration:

    • Whether or not your car has a single or dual exhaust system.
    • If you want a straight through, turbo or chambered muffler.
    • Whether you want aluminized steel or stainless steel.

    There’s a lot to consider when customizing a muffler – feel free to contact the team at Park Muffler if you have any questions.

    Muffler Sound Tests

    Looking for a new muffler, but not sure how it will sound? The team at Park Muffler offers muffler sound tests so that you can hear how different mufflers sound on your vehicle before making a purchase! Contact us to learn more.

    We’re The Experts!

    It’s in our name! Park Muffler knows mufflers and we can repair them and replace them based entirely on your needs as well as the needs of your vehicle.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your muffler, or any other part of your exhaust system, please contact us or drop by for more information.

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    What Our Customers Say

    Very professional and trustworthy. Had a real good experience.
    Sandeep Ghuman
    Sandeep G.
    23:25 04 Feb 23
    Sahib and the team at Park Muffler exceeded my expectations! I took my car in to have the muffler replaced. They not only did an awesome job on the muffler, they fixed all of the exhaust hangers as well. Repair cost was exactly as quoted. Will be back!
    Chris Dahl
    Chris D.
    19:09 29 Jan 23
    Brought my truck in for some custom exhaust work, amazing job, sounds great and they were very quick. They go over exactly what you want and actually take time to show you different options. Friendly staff as well
    Ethan Moshuk
    Ethan M.
    20:01 28 Jan 23
    Park Muffler recently installed a new catalytic converter for me after I had mine stolen. They also installed a custom catalytic converter cage, which looks very impressive! They got my vehicle into the shop right away and finished the repair the same day! They were great to deal with, walked me through the whole process, and put my mind at ease after I received inaccurate information from my insurance company. I highly recommend Park Muffler and will be using them for any future needs!
    Nicole D
    Nicole D
    23:37 27 Jan 23
    Great staff. Thank you Ed for going out of your way to accommodate.Pricing good and the customer service is outstanding. I will certainly be back!
    Judy Decloedt
    Judy D.
    15:23 26 Jan 23
    This shop does a great job on exhaust and listens to what you prefer they also helped fix the last gauge for my LS swap I would recommend this place to anyone
    Joe Lima
    Joe L.
    19:05 24 Jan 23
    Fantastic customer service, The staff was very friendly and accommodating to me and my budget. They even stayed later just to get my exhaust put on. 10/10, Highly recommend if you need to go anywhere!
    23:21 21 Jan 23
    These guys are awesome! I brought them a loose knuckle at 2pm on a Saturday (when they close at 3) and they happily pressed in a new bearing for me so last minute. And they did it quick! Had a nice conversation while I was waiting and gave me a great price on the labour. I will definitely come here again when I have an issue with my vehicle!
    ivana waning
    ivana W.
    21:44 21 Jan 23
    Ed and his staff were very friendly and accommodating. I took in my exhaust pipe for my skidoo, they were not sure if they could fix it. Called me the same day told me it was repaired. Told me the price. When I got there the front counter guy told me Ed wanted to see me when I went to pay. Ed came out asked how it looked and told me go, Enjoy your ride your skidoo. It’s on the house . Amazing service . I would highly recommend park rad and muffler for any of your needs. Thank you Ed and your staff. Paxton Cummings .
    Paxton Cummings
    Paxton C.
    15:11 18 Jan 23
    After I had my catalytic converter stolen, I called Park Muffler to see if they could do a replacement. They were able to get me in the same day (a Saturday too!) and have the work completed within a few hours. The staff was helpful and professional, and the pricing was very reasonable!
    Jillian Gordon
    Jillian G.
    21:42 14 Jan 23

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