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Tire Service & Replacement Solutions

Enhance your vehicle’s performance and safety with professional tire service and replacement in Edmonton and Sherwood Park.

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Tire Service & Replacement

    Service Overview

    Tires have a huge impact on how your vehicle drives. Tires that are damaged and worn lead to decreased traction, poor handling, decreased fuel economy, and a number of safety concerns as well. Proper tire care and maintenance plays a huge role in long-term vehicle health.

    New Tires & Installation

    Sometimes a tire simply can’t be repaired due to the amount of location of the damage and eventually all tires wear down and need to be replaced. When you need your new set of tires, stop by Park Muffler. Our qualified technicians can help you select the brand, model, and size of tire that is best suited to your vehicle, driving habits, and road conditions. We use the best equipment, highest quality product, and experienced technicians to ensure that your tires are installed quickly, correctly, and at an affordable rate. Tires from our warehouse can usually be retrieved within an hour.

    Tire Servicing

    Take care of your tires and they will last longer! It’s something that drivers often forget. There are three main maintenance areas that we recommend every driver pays attention to:

    • Tire Pressure: Your tire pressure can change based on a number of different factors including, weather and mileage. Both over and under inflated tires can impact vehicle handling, fuel economy, and overall safety.
    • Tire Rotation: Some drivers don’t realize that vehicle tires do not wear evenly. Your driving style has a huge impact in how your tires wear. In order to make the most out of your set as well as improve handling and overall performance, we recommend that all drivers get their tires rotated regularly.
    • Tire Repair: There is nothing more frustrating than driving over a nail and puncturing your tire. It’s inconvenient and unsafe. Sure you have a spare, but that’s only a temporary solution. Bring your vehicle to our service centre; our staff is well-versed in everything about tires. We can explain what the problem is and provide a plan to fix it in the most cost-efficient and safest manner. In addition to repairing the issue, our team will provide you with suggestions on how to avoid future issues and avoid further need for repairs.

    Winter Tires & Tire Swaps

    sherwood park tire with snow

    Winter tires are designed to maximize your vehicle’s grip during the winter season—helping your vehicle navigate roads with snow, ice and slush. These tires can prevent collisions as your vehicle operates more safely and confidently. See below for a list of Park Muffler’s winter tire services:

    • New Winter Tires: We carry in stock a selection of winter tires from high quality brands such as Cooper Tires, Hankook, Yokohama and more!
    • Seasonal Tire Swaps: Don’t wait weeks to swap your summer tires for your winter tires. Park Muffler can usually accommodate a tire swap within 24-48 hours.
    • Tire Studding: For extra grip in the winter, we offer studding for winter tires. Contact us for more information.

    Regardless of what your needs are, Park Muffler’s team can help with their many years experience in all aspects of tire care. Give us a call or stop by our service centre today for professional tire service and advice.

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    What Our Customers Say

    My car felt shakey. I was just hoping it was a wheel alighnment needed but it was more than that. They knew what the problem was and was quick if I wanted to fix it. Short story, it was more than I thought so they did the best they can to help me get it on the road to drive back to Calgary. This will help me alot on what I want to do next. FAHIB was the one that helped me with excellent knowledge and service. He represents so well and I couldnt thank him enough for assisting. Same with all the professional mechanics in the shop. Well done. Highly approve this place.
    David Nguyen
    David N.
    18:46 21 Jun 24
    Ali took My car in for a quote within 10 minutes and after giving me the quote was able to start immediately. They did a great job and I'm really happy with the result.
    Nik Elkew
    Nik E.
    20:45 20 Jun 24
    Very accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable, price was on par.
    Allan Doupe
    Allan D.
    23:48 17 Jun 24
    I’ve been coming here for all my vehicles for years, they never let me down! Ali helped me out really well! Even though prices went up, I still support them and they’re amazing work, they know what they’re doing and will continue bringing my vehicles here. Thanks Ali!
    coale graham
    coale G.
    19:51 15 Jun 24
    Ali did a really great work on our car, loved itVery polite and friendly guy give proper information about the project
    Mehakpreet Kaur
    Mehakpreet K.
    19:23 15 Jun 24
    ali Very Good work
    Raj sran
    Raj S.
    19:20 15 Jun 24
    great to deal with, they squeezed me in same day and did a great job with the exhaust on my 2022 dodge charger
    Jamin Garner
    Jamin G.
    04:50 09 Jun 24
    Took a truck for pre purchase inspection. They found a major issue, halted inspection, called me and didn’t charge me. Fast, courteous, fair. I will be taking all of my mechanical needs to Park Muffler from now on.
    Catherine Klapstein
    Catherine K.
    17:19 08 Jun 24
    Overall experience was awesome. I chose to sit and wait in the lobby while my truck was waiting to be taken in for exhaust work, it was taking longer than originally anticipated so they offered me and other customers waiting loaner cars to go out while waiting , I’m 16 so that wouldn’t work but I didn’t mind sitting and waiting, once my truck was in, it was fairly quick and my truck was sounding awesome. I personally met the owner and numerous other staff who were all extremely nice and welcoming, if you are reading reviews to decide weather or not to choose park muffler, I highly suggest you give them a call and I’m sure they will take care of you as well as they did to me
    Jacob Mills
    Jacob M.
    05:03 08 Jun 24
    I’ve been coming to park muffler for years and will say I’ve never had a bad experience. Staff is always welcoming and always willing to go far to help out a customer. Again I highly recommend this business for anything you need done!
    Richard Bier
    Richard B.
    20:43 01 Jun 24

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