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Diesel Engine Repair Services In Edmonton

Trust our experienced diesel mechanics in Edmonton and Sherwood Park for top-quality repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.

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Diesel Repair Services Edmonton & Sherwood Park

    Finding experienced professionals in Edmonton to maintain and repair your diesel engine can be a challenge. Before seeking out a specialty shop, visit the diesel mechanics at Park Muffler in Sherwood Park!

    We now have experienced diesel mechanics on staff who know diesel systems inside and out! Our team understands the importance of proper maintenance in order extend engine life. We’ll help ensure that your diesel vehicle stays maintained and working at maximum performance and efficiency.

    Diesel Engine Repair

    Diesel engines are different than a standard gasoline engine and need specialized care. The rate of compression in a diesel engine is more than three times that of a gasoline engine.

    These key differences make it crucial that a trained, knowledgeable technician to work on your diesel engine.

    Diesel engines create more noise during everyday operation than gasoline engines. This makes it difficult to catch new issues. But, there are a few signs to look for that could indicate that your engine requires repair:

    • Your engine is running at lower RPMs than usual
    • Decreased fuel economy
    • Increased oil consumption
    • Your vehicle is hard to start

    These symptoms may indicate low fuel pressure, insufficient fuel supply, or poor fuel quality. Our diesel mechanics can troubleshoot the engine and carry out the proper repair procedures.

    We also provide preventive maintenance measures. This helps increase the life of your diesel engine and prevent costly repairs.

    Edmonton diesel mechanic performing pusher diesel maintenance

    Diesel Fuel Systems Repair

    A diesel vehicle’s fuel injection system is a key component in ensuring your vehicle functions properly. To keep the fuel system in top working condition, it needs regular maintenance to withstand regular operation.

    Here are some signs there may be something wrong with your diesel fuel system:

    • Excessive smoke from the tailpipe
    • Idle engine fluctuation
    • Overall lack of power when driving
    • Poor engine performance
    • Rattling noises
    • Strong smells of exhaust

    Being proactive with your vehicle’s fuel system is the best way to ensure it continues to run properly. If you notice any of the above issues, contact the technicians at Park Muffler. Our diesel technicians can diagnose and resolve diesel fuel system issues, getting you back on the road quicker.

    Edmonton diesel mechanic working on a diesel filter

    Diesel Performance Upgrades

    The technicians at Park Muffler can modify engines to improve performance and fuel efficiency.

    Our expert diesel mechanics offer the following services:

    DPF and EGR deletes

    DPFs are designed to reduce emissions by trapping and burning particulate matter. EGR systems recirculate a portion of exhaust gas to lower nitrogen oxide emissions.

    Some vehicle owners opt for this modification to enhance performance, fuel efficiency, and engine life.

    Our DPF and EGR delete services are a guaranteed way to improve your diesel engine. You’ll see an improvement in fuel economy, horsepower, and overall engine performance.

    Diesel chip tuning

    Diesel chip tuning is a method used to enhance the performance of diesel-powered vehicles. This process involves modifying the software that controls the engine’s parameters such as:

    fuel injection timing turbocharger boost pressure, and air-to-fuel ratios.

    Diesel chip tuning optimizes engine efficiency, resulting in increased horsepower and torque. This customization often leads to improved fuel efficiency and throttle response as well.

    Diesel chip tuning unlocks the latent potential of their vehicles. It also provides a more dynamic and satisfying driving experience.

    Performance upgrades

    Diesel performance upgrades encompass a variety of enhancements. These upgrades can range from simple modifications to more advanced changes.

    The goal is to optimize the diesel engine’s performance, resulting in increased horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. Some owners also explore electronic enhancements like tuning modules or custom engine remapping. This fine-tunes the vehicle’s parameters for maximum output.


    Diesel turbochargers play a vital role in enhancing the performance diesel engines. These devices operate on the principle of utilizing exhaust gas energy to drive a turbine. This, in turn, forces additional air into the engine’s combustion chamber.

    This compressed air allows for a more efficient and powerful combustion process. This process results in increased horsepower and torque.

    Diesel turbochargers are particularly valuable in improving engine efficiency. This is especially true at higher altitudes, where the air density is lower.

    They also contribute to better fuel economy and reduced emissions. This is done by maximizing the utilization of available air for combustion.

    Let Us Take Care Of Your Diesel Vehicle!

    Park Muffler’s certified technicians are fully trained and offer professional experience. We ensuring your diesel engine is running at its top performance level. Contact us today and we’ll help maximize your vehicle’s performance.

    Our diesel mechanics are ready to help you maintain the integrity of your diesel vehicle. We can also make improvements to maximize efficiency and performance!

    Diesel engines need a little more TLC than regular gasoline engines and their maintenance is best not left to fate. Book your appointment today with our diesel mechanics in Edmonton & Sherwood Park!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is a diesel mechanic?

      A diesel mechanic specializes in the maintenance, repair, and servicing of diesel-powered vehicles.

    • Is a diesel mechanic the same as a mechanic?

      Both diesel mechanics and mechanics work on vehicles. The difference is diesel mechanics focus on diesel-powered vehicles and equipment.

    • What is the difference between a diesel mechanic and an engineer?

      While both diesel mechanics and engineers may work with diesel-powered vehicles, their roles and responsibilities differ . Diesel mechanics focus on hands-on maintenance and repair tasks. Engineers work in design, development, and analysis, often requiring higher levels of education and specialized training in engineering disciplines.


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    What Our Customers Say

    Was very helpful and understanding looking to keep its customers happy I will definitely be recommending this to friends and family.
    Hamisi Ilishura
    Hamisi I.
    23:49 15 Apr 24
    I bought new tires from here a few weeks back. Great folks to deal with, treated me fairly and made the process of buying new tires a great experience. Thanks for caring about the customer!
    Curtis Nikel
    Curtis N.
    18:55 15 Apr 24
    **HIGHLY RECOMMEND**I've had work done a few times on my chevy cruze here and each time I've felt relief. Prices are extremely reasonable & all staff are helpful and professional. I encourage everyone to bring their vehicles here when problems arise
    Melissa Williams
    Melissa W.
    21:32 13 Apr 24
    Park Mufflers in Sherwood Park offers an exceptional service experience. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted warmly by the staff who were knowledgeable and eager to assist. The work done on my vehicle was impeccable, with attention to detail evident in every aspect. The customer service was beyond compare, with the team going above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I highly recommend Park Mufflers to anyone in need of automotive services in Sherwood Park.
    Dawson Krawchuk
    Dawson K.
    18:59 03 Apr 24
    Had an axle back exhaust installed by Park Muffler. They did an excellent job and it was fast. They had to deal with seized and rotten bolts on my car. Will be back with any work in the future.
    17:52 03 Apr 24
    Once again, Park Muffler exceeded my expectations. I took my truck in for summer tire mounting, an oil change, as well as an exhaust and brake service. Eugene and Alim provided a competitive quote and timeline, and to my delight, my vehicle was ready earlier than expected and at a lower cost than quoted. Finding an honest mechanic who delivers on their promises is a rare gem, but Park Muffler embodies this ethos. As a longstanding fixture in Sherwood Park, their unmatched customer service speaks volumes. I wouldn’t hesitate to return. Thank you, Eugene and Alim, for your exceptional service and quality work!”
    Ajit Nakhwa
    Ajit N.
    16:19 03 Apr 24
    Super fast service , decent price , highly recommended.
    Kristof Wisniewski
    Kristof W.
    17:30 25 Mar 24
    I would like to thank the guys at Park Muffler for the great service and workmanship, they went out there way to get me in and stayed late till it was done.I’m very happy with the dual exhaust they put on very clean and neat.I have had two prior trucks done here and they never disappoint,I would recommend there shop for all needs
    Dennis Johnson
    Dennis J.
    00:58 19 Mar 24
    I highly recommend Park Muffler. They efficiently and thoroughly placed a theft prevention cage around my catalytic converter within a day. I unfortunately had mine stolen off my 2015 Mitsubishi RVR a few weeks prior. I encourage anyone with this vehicle to do the same if you have to park in sketchy areas. Thanks, Park Muffler!
    April Larocque
    April L.
    18:49 13 Mar 24
    honest people every customer was happy that i saw in the waiting room. one guy had a quote from midas muffler for 2700 and park did it for 700 unreal.
    Cheryl Ross
    Cheryl R.
    00:44 12 Mar 24

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