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12 Auto Repair Trends for 2023

With the rise in both gas prices and thefts across Canada, 2023 is the year that drivers will pay particular attention to the safety and performance of their vehicles.

Drivers are also going to notice a difference in the way auto repair services are offered.

To help you prepare for the new year, here are auto repair trends to look out for in 2023:

Auto Repair Trends: Safety

1. Catalytic Converter Protection

Catalytic converter theft in Edmonton is on the rise, and drivers are well aware of this situation going into 2023.

In the coming year, more and more drivers are going to seek catalytic converter theft prevention methods to avoid costly replacements.

One option is an anti-theft device that is installed on your catalytic converter to make it more difficult to steal.

2. Backup Cameras

Even if your car isn’t equipped with a backup camera, you can still have this important feature installed on your vehicle.

Backup cameras not only make reversing easier but safer as well.

It can be used to help you position your vehicle in parking lots and tight spaces while eliminating blind spots and enhancing your visibility.

3. Sensors

Sensors are designed to alert you to obstacles close to your vehicles, such as parking sensors, front sensors, and blind spot detection.

Parking sensors will alert you when you are reversing toward an obstacle, wall, or curb, while front sensors and blind spot detection monitor your blind spots while you are driving.

This is particularly useful when it comes to safely changing lanes on the highway.

4. Dash Cams

Dash cams are cameras that are mounted to the dash of your vehicle to record 24/7 footage.

This provides important evidence and information if something happens like a hit-and-run or catalytic converter theft.

Many dash cams allow you to access the footage in real time from your smartphone.

Auto Repair Trends: Performance & Efficiency

5. High-Flow Cold Air Intake Systems

If you’re looking for a repair that will give you better gas mileage, consider a high-flow cold air intake system.

These systems improve the quality of air that enters your engine and creates colder, denser air with more oxygen.

Oxygen increases your engine’s power and improves its function, providing you with a more efficient and gas-friendly vehicle.

6. Performance Chips

The ECU (Electric Control Unit) in your vehicle handles ignition timing and controls the fuel mixture.

By installing a performance chip or tuner, you can alter the ECU settings and create a fuel mixture balance that gives the engine more power and reduces fuel consumption.

7. Better Tires

To help curb the cost of fuel, drivers are going to pay more attention to their tires in 2023.

Tires can affect gas mileage – 20% to 30% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption is tire related!

Tires with lower roll resistance use less fuel, so radial tires made of lightweight materials can help cut down on fuel consumption.

Maintaining proper tire pressure is also a quick and easy way to ensure your tires aren’t costing you more at the fuel pumps.

8. Regular Maintenance

Overall, regular maintenance is key to keeping your car efficient and in tip-top shape.

Staying ahead of potential issues can help you void unnecessary repairs, and regularly performing tasks like oil changes will ensure your vehicle’s operation is optimal and efficient.

Auto Repair Trends: Service

Mechanic working on a car engine

9. Less DIY Repairs

Trends in the automobile industry are showing that drivers are making fewer DIY repairs to their vehicles and instead opting to take their cars to a trusted automotive technician.

This may have something to do with the increased reliability of cars and the decreased need for repairs.

Or it may have to do with the advanced technology used in vehicles that can’t be repaired or maintained at home.

10. Part Shortages

Unfortunately, the pandemic of 2020 is still causing part shortages all around the globe, leading to delayed repair times.

However, expert estimates are indicating that this issue should resolve in 2023, which will shorten repair times and even drive down the cost of new vehicles.

11. Advanced Repair Technology

As vehicles evolve with more advanced technologies, repair services are keeping up by upgrading their technology to provide service and maintenance for digitized, automated, and electric vehicles.

12. The Auto Repair Industry Isn’t Going Anywhere

Even with more automation happening when it comes to inspecting and diagnosing vehicles, the auto repair industry is continuing to grow, despite the challenges created by the pandemic.

Total Automotive Services in Edmonton

Park Muffler is proud to offer a wide range of automotive services to help you ensure your 2023 is safe and efficient.

From catalytic converter repair to performance upgrades, our expert technicians are ready to help you with all of your automotive needs.

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