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  • Why You Should Do a Muffler Sound Test

    Why You Should Do a Muffler Sound Test

    How do you feel about the sound of your exhaust system? Most after-market systems are quiet and functional. However, many drivers modify their systems to create a unique and guttural sound every time they give their engine a rev. While you may find joy in the sound your exhaust system makes, your neighbours may not…Read More Here!

  • Auto Mod 101: What Is A Muffler Delete?

    Auto Mod 101: What Is A Muffler Delete?

    When it comes to mufflers, the team at Park Muffler is the place to go– after all, it’s in our name! Modern vehicles boast highly advanced exhaust systems, meaning mufflers are sleeker, more durable and more efficient than ever. Many current vehicle owners may have not even considered their muffler or their exhaust systems. Whether…Read More Here!

  • What Does My Muffler Do?

    What Does My Muffler Do?

    Many people are unaware of exactly what their muffler does until it breaks. There’s no missing the signs of a broken muffler. A muffler’s main job is to control engine noise. When they break down, you’ll notice your vehicle get very loud and neighbours become very unhappy! However, apart from satisfying noise pollution laws, today’s…Read More Here!

  • How to Choose the Right Muffler

    How to Choose the Right Muffler

    The muffler is a cylindrical component attached to the exhaust that filters out the loud, explosive sounds from the engine. Inside the muffler is a set of tubes that are designed to reflect sound waves back and forth in order to reduce the engine noise. All vehicles come with a factory standard muffler but you…Read More Here!

  • 3 Signs You Should Replace Your Muffler

    3 Signs You Should Replace Your Muffler

    Engines produce a lot of excess energy that escapes as heat and vibration, this effect creates a lot of noise. When the muffler was first invented for vehicles, the reduction in noise pollution was so significant that they can became an industry standard practically overnight. Modern mufflers are so efficient that many motorists might not…Read More Here!


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