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Benefits of Installing a Lift Kit on Your Truck

A lift kit lifts your vehicle’s body by a couple of inches through the use of a spacer placed between the body and the frame. Many truck owners will tell you there’s no better feeling than riding in a lifted truck – riding above the majority of vehicles. Read on to learn about some of the benefits of installing a lift kit on your vehicle, and why they are so popular!


One of the main benefits of installing a lift kit on your truck is that your vehicle body stays protected (as it’s now farther away from the ground)! A body that is lower to the ground is susceptible to damage on rough roads, which makes lift kits an excellent choice for drivers who like to go off roading.

Increased Tire Clearance

Adding a lift kit to your vehicle allows you to raise the overall height of the body and gives you higher ground clearance. Higher tire clearance is especially helpful for off-roading. Whether you plan on tackling boulders, mud, snow or sand, a lift kit will give you the extra space you need. Keep in mind: raising your tire clearance also raises your vehicle’s center of gravity, which can reduce overall handling. Be sure to adjust your driving appropriately.

Increased Tire Size

A lift kit will increase your tire clearance, and allow you to place larger tires on your truck. The main reason why people choose to add larger tires to their vehicle, other than to look great, is for off-roading. Depending on what kind of off-roading you plan on doing, you can purchase tires that will improve your traction.


Even if you don’t plan on hitting the rugged trails, a lift kit is great way to turn heads. Many people choose to install a lift kit for no other reason than it looks great; however, it’s important to ensure that the lift kit you choose maintains the everyday performance of your vehicle. Ensure your lift kit doesn’t compromise your vehicle’s comfort, durability and safety.

Chat With the Experts

If you’re looking to install a lift kit on your vehicle, visit the pros at Park Muffler Radiator Brakes & Tires. Our technicians will help you choose the right lift kit for your needs, and can offer expert installation. Give us a call today!


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