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When you purchase a vehicle, you are getting the exhaust system that the manufacturer chose and outfitted. While some performance makes and models come with serious hardware– most make do with standard components. These are adequate, but they often do not give a vehicle the edge some might hope it would have. This is where you might consider aftermarket parts, but where to start? If you need guidance in choosing an exhaust system or muffler, consult Park Muffler’s brand spotlight on MagnaFlow’s wide range of products.


Founded in 1981 and manufactured in the USA, MagnaFlow has a proud tradition of quality and durability. Magnaflow products have been used in American muscle cars, hot rods and other performance vehicles for decades– earning the brand a legendary reputation. Engineering and craftsmanship are the two tenants of Magnaflow’s manufacturing philosophies.


Unlike other exhaust systems and mufflers, MagnaFlow products use a ‘straight-through’ design that avoids the ‘chambered’ style drawbacks. Magnaflow uses only the highest grade stainless steel and acoustical packing to ensure its signature deep, loud rumble.


Another major advantage of aftermarket exhaust systems is a potential increase in power– but not from every brand. MagnaFlow has earned a reputation as a company that values the role exhaust plays in the operation of a performance engine. By investing in technology that maximizes your vehicle’s power, MagnaFlow products have proven their effectiveness over time.

The facts above are only a quick look at the physics and philosophy behind Magnaflow exhaust systems and mufflers. If you have more questions or any concerns, contact the pros here at Park Muffler today! We can assess your needs and suggest the right aftermarket part for your vehicle.


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