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Engine Maintenance: Repair, Replace or Rebuild

When your engine leaves you stranded, any vehicle owner knows that they have some costly decision ahead of them. Engine failure almost always means your vehicle requires repairs– or maybe even a major replacement. If this worst is true and you do need a new engine, there can be even more choices to make. Rebuilt or remanufactured mean different things, which can have consequences when it comes to cost-effectiveness. For more information, peruse Park Muffler’s crash course to engine maintenance below!


Every engine that is on the road today will require some sort of repair, usually sooner rather than later! Repairs never wait for a convenient time to happen– it is best to accept them as an inevitability, not as bad luck. If your vehicle’s issues are severe enough to stop the engine from working, you should hope for the best and prepare for the worst when receiving your estimate. Repairing one or two parts is usually an affordable way to keep a relatively new vehicle running smoothly for years to come.


Engine failure may mean that the damage is so severe or so widespread that your mechanic’s advice will be to replace some or all of the engine outright. Replacement parts can be purchased new, salvaged or refurbished and this reflects a spectrum of prices. Additionally, new parts come in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket, resulting in a variety of cost and quality. Replacement can be pricey, but it will ensure your dream ride keeps rolling.


When it comes to replacing an engine, you generally have a limited choice between three options (depending on the local market). First, newly built engines are often prohibitively expensive– even for the most economical of vehicles. Second, a rebuilt engine is considerably more affordable as it has been removed from another vehicle, repaired and reassembled. Lastly, remanufactured engines are a step beyond their rebuilt counterparts: every component is cleaned, tuned and refurbished to like-new specifications (often resulting in better-than-stock performance).

If your engine is on its last legs or has failed outright, bring it into the professionals here at Park Muffler today. Whether you need repairs, replacement or more– we will work with your needs and your budget to rejuvenate your vehicle. Contact us with any questions or concerns you might have!


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