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Road Trip Checklist

Heading out on a summer road trip? Park Muffler has the perfect checklist below to keep you and your passengers safe, happy and comfortable. Read on for more!

Oil & Other Fluids

If you take road trips a couple times per year, it is very sensible to schedule your oil changes just before you usually leave. Additionally, be prudent and check the fluids for your brakes, transmission, power steering and other components– see that they are properly topped up and free of leaks.

Under the Hood

A visual inspection under the hood can reveal cracked or damaged hoses, belts, radiators and other easily replaceable parts. It is also smart to test your battery’s charge to see if it can stand up to a long trip and the extra usage that puts on a vehicle’s electrical system.

Tread Depth & Tire Pressure

Always check your tires before leaving on a big trip– it could save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars. Keep your tires topped up to the proper pressure and check the depth of tread to ensure they do not need replacement. Also, check your spare to ensure that it’s in the right place, undamaged and includes all of the equipment needed to change a tire.

Emergency Kit

First aid supplies, road flares, blankets, non-perishable snacks– these are just a few things you may need on the side of the road in an emergency situation. Always inventory and update your vehicle’s emergency kit, which can be assembled cheaply or purchased prepackaged.


Nowadays, most of us get by with the navigation applications available on our smartphones. On a road trip, you may not always have service or cell coverage– consider installing a data-free GPS unit and always keep maps on hand of the areas you plan to go. Don’t rely on older maps, crucial information may have changed in newer publications.

Check the Accessories

Before leaving, run through your vehicle’s accessories to ensure they all function properly. On the road, hundreds of kilometres from town, on a hot day– that’s the wrong time to find out your A/C doesn’t work. Out on the trails, rain coming in, you’re headed for mud– you do not want to realize your 4WD needs repair.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do to prevent serious complications on a road trip. Don’t take risks with your safety or your enjoyment– always complete a vehicle safety and condition checklist before you leave. If you need professional assistance, rely on the friendly team here at Park Muffler today!


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