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Troubleshooting Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Issues

There are few things worse than coming to a standstill in traffic on a sweltering day, reaching for your air conditioning and discovering that it does not work! While this is indeed unpleasant, it can be avoided rather easily. Responsible vehicle owners should always check and test their A/C system before the summer months– do not take it for granted. If your vehicle does have issues, you can help narrow it down by putting in a little effort on your own. Read on for Park Muffler’s guide to troubleshooting your vehicle’s air conditioning issues.

“My air conditioner is blowing cool air, but not cold.”

  • Causes: Faulty electronics; coolant or vacuum leak; damaged components; blocked or clogged hoses.
  • Troubleshoot: Check fuses for blown circuits; add a UV-sensitive coolant and look for leaks with a black light; inspect for visible damage, corrosion or build-up.

“There’s a bad smell whenever I turn on my A/C.”

  • Causes: Cabin air filter needs replacement; mildew or mold accumulation.
  • Troubleshoot: Filters can be changed cheaply and easily; mildew or mold buildup needs to be cleaned out and the components flushed; any blocked drainage should be cleared to avoid standing water caused by condensation.

“When I use the A/C, the airflow is very weak.”

  • Causes: Blocked evaporator core; loose hose; malfunctioning fan; blown seal or gasket.
  • Troubleshoot: Look for buildup or debris near or around A/C components; ensure hoses and clamps have a tight fit; confirm that the fan is turning when the system is on; check gaskets and seals for damage, leaking or condensation.

The above problems are certainly the most common air conditioning issues, but they are not the only ones! Vehicles are made up of many sophisticated systems working in unison, so many things can go wrong. If you have questions or concerns about your A/C system, contact or visit Park Muffler today!


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