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  • Windshield Repairs: FIX or REPLACE?

    Windshield Repairs: FIX or REPLACE?

    Driving our Alberta roads, you are probably very familiar with rocks and other debris– the most common culprits of annoying chips and cracks in your windshield. There is no avoiding them! All that is left is to stare through it until your next vehicle… Right? Wrong! Windshield defects can be treated and an overly damaged…Read More Here!

  • Vehicle Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Vehicle Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Spring cleaning doesn’t end at the doorway of the home– carry that refreshing mentality straight out to the driveway or garage. Taking pride in your ride is the first step to ensuring it looks good and works well for years to come. If your vehicle’s upkeep has fallen behind, spring is could be the perfect…Read More Here!

  • Mileage-Saving Maintenance: 4 Essential Tips

    Mileage-Saving Maintenance: 4 Essential Tips

    Changing your driving habits and lightening your vehicle’s load are surefire ways to increase efficiency. A more efficient automobile means better fuel mileage– another way to achieve this is by completing some very basic maintenance. If you want to save more at the pump, follow Park Muffler’s tips below to keep your ride running in…Read More Here!

  • Road Trip Checklist

    Road Trip Checklist

    Heading out on a summer road trip? Park Muffler has the perfect checklist below to keep you and your passengers safe, happy and comfortable. Read on for more! Oil & Other Fluids If you take road trips a couple times per year, it is very sensible to schedule your oil changes just before you usually…Read More Here!

  • 4 Signs Your Wheels Need Alignment

    4 Signs Your Wheels Need Alignment

    As any Western Canadian driver knows, our vehicles experience all kinds of bumps and bruises in day-to-day operation. Since daily driving is more of a requirement than a choice, it’s important to invest in the proper maintenance and upkeep of your automobile. Keeping your wheels aligned is one such task that will pay off in…Read More Here!


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