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Vehicle Battery Repair & Replacement

    Service Overview

    The connection between your battery and the electrical items it powers is relatively complicated, and relies on the correct functioning of several components: battery, alternator, and the ignition modules.

    How to tell if your vehicle is having battery trouble

    There are many factors that put pressure on your car battery and surrounding components, slowly causing wear and tear and loss of performance. Edmonton’s sometimes harsh weather and driving conditions require your battery to work a lot harder, and such conditions often lead to the need for more frequent servicing of your battery and ignition modules.

    Various features found in some modern vehicles are also known to cause your car battery to degrade or wear out faster – entertainment systems, advanced engine trouble detection systems, and luxury electrical items, all put a lot of pressure on your car’s battery.

    The degradation of performance, or even total failure, of your vehicle’s electrical accessories is usually the first sign that your battery is experiencing problems. Dimming or flickering headlights and interior lights, and/or the warning lights on your dashboard, indicates that your battery or one of its related components is failing.

    Battery diagnosis and repair

    Conveniently located in Sherwood Park, Park Muffler Radiator Brakes & Tires has been a trusted locally owned and operated full-service care repair and servicing centre through out Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Fort McMurray since 1979. Our large Edmonton workshop is fully equipped to handle any aspect of battery and ignition diagnosis, servicing, and repair.

    Whether you need alternator repair or testing, troubleshooting, battery/load testing, alternator or battery replacement, or any other vehicle servicing, the friendly and highly-experienced team at Park Muffler in Edmonton can have you driving away with the peace of mind of having your battery components fully inspected, repaired, or replaced.

    Our large car servicing facility has the space, equipment, and expert personal to have most battery-related issues seen to while you wait. We pride ourselves on clear communication and honest diagnosis, so you will understand exactly what your vehicle’s issues are and the best way to fix them.

    The mechanics at Park Muffler Radiator Brakes & Tires are professionally trained in the complete service and repair of automotive batteries, charging, and starting systems. If you think you are having issues with any of the charging and starting components system bring drive your vehicle to our automotive repair shop or contact us today. Our trained technicians will be glad to assist you in getting you back on the road safely.

    Our services for battery, charging, and starting systems include the following:

    Alternator Belt Alternator Repair Alternator Replacement
    Alternator Tensioner Alternator Testing Alternator Troubleshooting
    Battery Charge BatteryLoad Test Battery Maintenance
    Battery Replacement BatteryTesting Battery Troubleshooting
    Ignition Switch Starter Relay Starter Repair
    Starter Replacement

    Helpful Tips

    To ensure trouble-free driving and starting, be sure to have your battery checked. The electrical integrity of the alternator and starter should also be tested, and this is a great time to do it. Clean any corrosion from the battery terminals (or have your garage do it) and make sure all connections are tight at the beginning of the season.


    Save time at the shop by booking ahead.



    • Family owned and operated
    • Serving Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and area since 1979
    • 25-bay service centre
    • Experienced, licensed technicians
    • In-house financing
    • Same day service for most repairs and maintenance

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    Park Muffler Radiator Brakes & Tires | 101 Seneca Rd, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4G6

    What Our Customers Say

    Came in today and they are very good with straight piping, very nice people two and very well with pricing. I’ll be coming back for more modifications!!!!
    Thian Trottier
    Thian T.
    22:21 14 Sep 21
    The owner got me in when I needed them most. provided exceptional service with passion and heart. fixed my damaged exhaust from theft within 2 hours. THank you for your help.
    Crypto Hero
    Crypto H.
    23:42 07 Sep 21
    Awesome service, Great prices, qualtiy work great people thanks for the exhaust
    wobble Ling
    wobble L.
    23:06 07 Sep 21
    I came into the shop less then 2 hours before they closed and was looking to upgrade my exhaust on my RDX A-spec. They were awesome, getting it in and helping me find the right sound i was looking for, been a week now and i’m loving it more. Good workmanship, felt very welcome, even had fun chatting with the guys while they were working on my car.
    01:51 05 Sep 21
    Every time I find myself needing some kind of exhaust repair or an entire system like this time these are the guys. Ed and his team offer great quality as competitive pricing that no one else can beat. Come to these guys at Park Muffler and you won’t be disappointed.
    Jaden Ridland
    Jaden R.
    23:08 03 Sep 21
    Very nice staff they are superheroes of performance mufflers and exhaust!
    Mandeep Sidhu
    Mandeep S.
    22:52 03 Sep 21
    Got an exhaust on my Maxima done here. Sounds absolutely amazing, the employees and the owner are extremely nice people and always willing to help you out with whatever you need. Even showing up late they managed to squeeze me in and complete the job within a more than reasonable time.
    Brayden Alldis
    Brayden A.
    21:51 29 Aug 21
    I went in looking for a muffler for my Sierra and right away the shops foreman Rahim took me aside and shared his experiences with his own. He was honest and did not suggest I go with what I originally wanted when any other shop could have easily fleeced me, he took me into the shop and showed me exactly what needed to be done to get the sound I wanted. Overall amazing customer service and very accommodating shop with great prices. Would 100% recommend!
    Jamond Cardinal
    Jamond C.
    04:27 22 Aug 21
    Muffler exhaust is very good guys you should go to Try it out and you have good deals
    Abdu 1386 khasaba
    Abdu 1386 K.
    22:10 21 Aug 21
    Used them on my truck and my corvette.....job was done flawless and very reasonable. Even the owner Ed took time to chat up while I was waiting. Nothing like a shop that's been around 40 some odd years.
    Steve Lafrance
    Steve L.
    21:48 19 Aug 21

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