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Why Get a Custom Exhaust System?

Spending the money to replace something that comes standard from the factory may seem pointless, but there are benefits to having a custom exhaust system installed on your vehicle. The aftermarket parts that make up a custom exhaust system are designed differently than standard factory parts and can therefore improve many aspects of your vehicle.

In order to understand the benefits a custom exhaust system will provide to your vehicle, here is a quick run-down on how your exhaust system actually works:

How Does the Exhaust System Work?

Your vehicle’s exhaust system has 4 main functions:

1. Control Noise

2. Direct Fumes Away from Passengers

3. Improve Performance

4. Improve Fuel Consumption

As your vehicle is running, exhaust gases are collected in the engine by the exhaust manifold which funnels the gases through a front pipe. From there, the gases travel through a catalytic converter which removes harmful toxins (such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen monoxide) before pushing the gases through a muffler. Finally, the fumes exit via the tail pipe, away from the vehicle and its passengers.

Why Should I Get a Custom Exhaust System?

Custom exhaust systems are designed to replace the factory fitted exhaust components of a vehicle and is often done in order to modify sound, appearance and performance.

In order to keep costs down, factory standard exhaust systems are designed primarily to keep passengers safe and to eliminate noise from the engine. Their straightforward design does not necessarily take performance, fuel efficiency and appearance into account.

If you’ve never thought replacing your current exhaust system with aftermarket parts, here are 3 reasons why you should consider a custom exhaust system:

#1 Increased Performance

Since factory exhaust systems are mainly designed to be quiet and inexpensive, they are also restrictive. This means that the path for exhaust gases to escape from the engine is constricted, making the engine work harder to get the gases out.

Custom exhaust systems are less restrictive, allowing the engine to “breathe” or “exhale” a little easier. This increased breathability increases efficiency, meaning that your engine experiences a boost in power while burning less gas.

The amazing thing is – this power and efficiency was always there! Your engine wants to run more efficiently. It just needs a better exhaust system to do so.

#2 Modified Sound

Custom exhaust systems are frequently used to modify the sound made by the engine. While mufflers are designed to decrease the explosive sounds of the engine, and local by-laws may dictate how loud your vehicle can be, custom exhaust systems can give your vehicle a unique sound that is slightly louder but deeper.

The sound may vary depending on the custom exhaust system you choose. However, if you are looking for a deep, rumbling growl, consider a system that uses slightly larger pipes.

#3 Improved Appearance

While a custom exhaust system can benefit overall performance, it can also make your vehicle look really cool.

You can choose designs with larger exhaust tips or materials with a higher polish to give your vehicle an updated and flashy appearance.

Most standard factory exhaust systems are made out of aluminized steel, which means they have an aluminized outer shell that is more susceptible to rust. Custom exhaust systems can be made in stainless steel or titanium, increasing the overall life of the system but also providing a polished and shiny look.

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