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When Should I Change My Vehicle’s Battery?

Posted by on in Blog, Vehicle Batteries, Vehicle Maintenance

Modern vehicle batteries are so reliable and maintenance-free that you may forget it’s even there! Of course, that can change fast when your vehicle has electrical problems– or worse: fails to start in cold weather. Here on the Alberta Prairies, most of us know our way around booster cables thanks to the harsh winters. Still, […]


How to Keep Your Vehicle Battery Charged in Cold Weather

Posted by on in Blog, Seasonal Tips, Vehicle Batteries, Vehicle Maintenance

When it comes to winter vehicle prep, your battery should be front and centre. While it may seem like a small part of your engine, it is actually responsible for getting the entire thing moving via the ignition system. A reliable charge and flow of electricity is all that is needed for a roaring start-up– […]


How Does My Vehicle’s Battery Work?

Posted by on in Blog, Vehicle Batteries

Many of us know the feeling– you jump in a vehicle, but nothing happens when you turn the key. No sputtering, revving or cranking… the telltale signs of what is usually just a dead battery. Batteries are not hard to replace or maintain. If you know how to open a hood, turn a wrench and […]