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    What Does the ‘Check Engine’ Light Mean?

    All modern vehicles are equipped with a small computer or ECM (Electronic Control Module) that controls the operation of your vehicle’s powertrain and transmission. The primary function of your vehicle’s ECM is to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions as much as possible, with the check engine light being activated at the first sign of your engine’s fuel efficiency and performance being compromised.

    Because the underlying mechanism behind the check engine light is quite complicated and broad, many people get very worried when their vehicle’s check engine light comes on – fearing that it is indicating the need for serious auto repair work. However, it is common for your vehicle’s check engine light to activate when minor engine problems occur, or even due to glitches in the ECM sensors.

    Park Muffler’s check engine light diagnosis and repair

    Locally owned and operated in Edmonton since 1979, Park Muffler Radiator Brakes & Tires is the Edmonton region’s most trusted auto servicing and repair centre, with a fully-equipped 40 bay capacity garage allowing us to get your vehicle seen to fast, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

    At Park Muffler, our team of friendly, honest, and highly-experienced auto mechanics can perform a comprehensive diagnosis of the underlying causes behind the activation of your check engine light – ensuring that your vehicle is performing at top fuel efficiency, meeting emission standards, and any developing problems are fully repaired.

    Even if you have no idea what your check engine light (sometimes referred to as the ‘Service Engine Soon’ light or ‘Malfunction Indicator’ Light) means, you can be confident that the mechanics at Park Muffler, servicing the Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Fort McMurray area will diagnose the issue correctly and clearly explain your options.

    Our mechanics pride themselves on their clear communication and honest diagnosis services – we will take the mystery out of why your check engine light activated, and you can drive away confident all underlying causes have been fully serviced and repaired.

    If your check engine light has activated, contact Park Muffler – conveniently located in Sherwood Park, close to Edmonton – for a full diagnosis.


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    • Family owned and operated
    • Serving Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and area since 1979
    • 25-bay service centre
    • Experienced, licensed technicians
    • Same day service for most repairs and maintenance

    What Our Customers Say

    They helped me out with my car when another muffler shop said it was not possible. He gave me a fantastic deal! The car sound didn’t quite add up to what I want so I came back and they continued to help me out even more. This is a great shop! The staff is friendly and the own is about making a good reputation not about making money off people.
    Hunter Myshak
    01:12 14 Dec 18
    Great place! We've been there with both of our cars for various services, from tires, to maintenance to serious vehicle problems. The service is always fast, high quality and reasonably priced. Highly recommend it! Thank you guys 😊
    Veronika Peycheva
    18:02 07 Dec 18
    Thanks to Ed & Team at Park Muffler for their gold-star customer service. If your vehicle needs repair work I highly suggest you take it to Park Muffler! Their entire staff, from front-end reception, to the mechanics, to the owner Ed will treat you with respect and provide top-notch service and pricing! I believe Park Muffler is Sherwood Park’s best kept secret. Definitely 5++ out of 5.
    Karen Ramkhelawan
    15:01 27 Nov 18
    I was very impressed with the whole experience with Park Muffler. They were very accommodating and were able to get the repairs done that I needed same day. They were very knowledgeable and were willing and happy to go over and above. Any vehicle repairs I require in the future I will be using Park Muffler. Prices were very fair and they were great to deal with. Very satisfied customer. - Tiffany Schindle
    Tiffany Schindle
    15:54 26 Nov 18
    I had the great pleasure of doing business with Ed (owner) and his family-team in the past, so when my youngest son needed some custom exhaust work done I knew exactly where to bring him. In very little time, the work was done and it was perfect! Delivering excellent quality and service and value consistently is what the family at Park Muffler does! Thank you Ed (and team) for looking after my boy!
    Gary Kristan
    18:55 15 Nov 18
    I had a slow leak in one of my tires and took a chance to see if I could get in for same day service. Ed grabbed my keys and had me in and out within 20 minutes! Alim kept me entertained while I waited. Overall a great experience with the best automotive team in Sherwood Park/Edmonton. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PARK MUFFLER!
    Aleem Bandali
    03:25 15 Nov 18
    I had a chance to meet Ed and a few of the other gents at Park Muffler today and I am beyond impressed. The custom exhaust work they did for my truck was excellent, and their customer service is top notch. You can tell that they highly value customer satisfaction. Will be returning to Park Muffler for my future needs!
    Lucas Kristan
    02:08 14 Nov 18
    I was driving on Friday and my muffler just came off my car. I heard good things about this shop so I went to check it out and I definitely don’t regret it. Their service was amazing!! I Went in to get it fixed and Ed was the best! He was knowledgeable about what he was doing. Ed took care of both my mufflers and made sure it was top shape. By far the best price I seen. They didn’t charge for things I didn’t need but only things I needed and didn’t take that long to fix at all it was done on the same day I stopped by. Highly recommend Ed and this place to everyone!!
    Jen Rod
    19:37 13 Nov 18
    Ed and his team at Park Muffler are fantastic and i highly recommend you pay them a visit; i'm from out of town with tire problems and could not find a tire shop to help me right away. Ed is open at 7:30am on Saturdays, booked my car in right away and I was on my way later that morning. Thanks for squeezing me in Ed --- A+++ service!!! Great looking shop too - very clean and comfortable chairs - well done.
    Cameron Pryor
    17:49 03 Nov 18
    I have nothing but good things to say about park muffler. After calling around I found that their prices are unbeatable. Above all their customer service is fenominal. They really care about you as a customer. The guys here will make sure your car is serviced in a timely manner without compromising on the quality of service. The guys here are super knowledgeable, honest and friendly. Will definitely be coming back.
    Serena Hemraj
    18:12 29 Oct 18
    Phoned around and they had the best rates for 4 new tires on my car & great service. We thought the car needed new brakes, too, we asked them to change them out but they didn’t because there’s still lots of wear left. They had the opportunity to take advantage of us and didn’t. If you don’t know much about vehicles, you can certainly trust these guys to give you real advice. Thanks again, Park Muffler!
    Jennifer Hillmer
    23:00 19 Oct 18
    Saw the reviews so brought my van in for a repair. I had some questions about the repair and the quote. The owner Ed took my call and answered all my questions in a very professional manner. Vehicle was fixed that day too so very happy with personal and efficient service.
    Nadine Michael
    22:51 16 Oct 18
    Had a magnaflow welded in my 19 Ram 1500 at park muffler today. All I have to say is top notch work! They have a ton of options for mufflers and tips and the quality is second to none. Highly recommend these guys!
    Mark Hamilton
    18:46 13 Oct 18
    Park Muffler has always been my favorite to repair my car. The Owner, Techs and their Shop manager is probably the most knowledgeable. Highly recommend for all your repair and Maintenance needs that's all I can say
    Qasim Yousufi
    15:38 13 Oct 18
    Great service, great atmosphere, great people. This place has it all. Quality service and great prices. I’ve brought four different vehicles in for exhaust work and always been satisfied with their work. And they respect their customers. I recommend Park Muffler to anyone looking for qualified and quality work on their vehicles. -Patrick
    16:49 22 Sep 18
    Great place. Im from out of town and decided Saturday morning I wanted some exhaust work done. They opened at 730 and I walked in, told them what I'd like to do and they got me in right away. Half hour went by and I got brought to the back to discuss what work I wanted done and they had a couple muffler choices for me. Once they got to the point where they were almost finished, they brought me to the back and quickly swapped in mufflers so I could get an idea of which muffler I wanted to go for. After all was said and done, I had left roughly 2 hours after I had arrived and they had a full lobby when I first arrived. Great bunch of guys running the shop and the workers in the back seem like they care about you.
    Ryan McDonald
    23:56 17 Sep 18
    Been coming to park muffler for years, after I had a minor hiccup in regards to wait time, the owner ed gave me a personal call to assure me that my next visit would be a pleasant one. Today I sit here, immediately got in and the boys did a fantastic job on my vehicle and I can leave a happy customer once again.
    16:03 17 Sep 18
    It's been years I've taken my cars and trucks here and they never fail to surprise me with there customer service ! Ive takin all of my cars here and all of them cam out sounding and performing fantastic , All employees are great people and awesome to talk with about what ever . they are always asking questions about specific things you want to be done , and i have had many problems with other shops were they just throw things together then ask for your money .They are amazing and very straight forward on whats going on , they let me go in and watch too ! which was awesome to see how they do there thing . highly recommended place to take any of your vehicles !
    Brandon mellick
    16:58 15 Sep 18
    It was my first time going to this shop because I was in need of exhaust pipe repairs. Beyond my cars issue being solved for a good deal, I was met with very friendly customer service. Also learned it's been a family owned autoshop in the park for decades - which makes it even more great to support and keep in business! Would absolutely recommend it to anyone in need of repairs.
    michelle gill
    03:06 14 Sep 18
    Been here a couple of times and I have to say the staff is very welcoming and helpful. Even at times when they're busy they try their best at fitting you in. The prices are fair for the quality of work done. I will continue to come back to Park Muffler whenever I need exhaust work done.
    Steven De Ocampo
    20:54 11 Aug 18
    This place is awesome... just had some custom exhaust work done, they were very busy but got me in!! My car was on the hoist and i was welcomed into the back to pick out what i wanted and how it was going to be done! While i was waiting i noticed that as busy as they were they never turned anyone away and tried their best to help everyone, the owner was out to shuttling vehicles in and out and talking to customers... when my car was done the owner took me out back and fired up the car to see how i liked it!!! Top Notch Business!!! I will allways go back!!! Thanks guys👌
    Kelly Bilanski
    23:43 03 Aug 18
    Most shops would have done the drivetrain fluid change in 2 days (transmission flush and both differentials in my Yukon. They had it in the shop in. 10 minutes. Good prices. Thanks guys! My yukon really needed this work done! Terrific place!
    A Wright
    17:08 30 Jul 18
    Called here on the Canada day long weekend and they were suppose to be closed. But the owner told me to come by and told me he would take care of me immediately. They took me into the shop showed me exactly what they were going to do and told me if i didnt like it they would take it off and do it again. Super friendly staff and the owner really enjoyed talking to his customers and making sure they were happy with the finished product. I got my 2014 Ralliart straight piped for a fantastic price with quality work behind that. Would recommend this shop to anyone wanting work done on they're car.
    Sebastian lenkiewicz
    22:25 01 Jul 18
    I live in Edmonton but Park Muffler is the place where I do all my exhaust needs. Ed - the owner is a real businessman who knows how to keep his clients. It's nice that you can see him everyday at the shop and he's always there for you if you have any concerns or questions. I highly recommend this shop! They have good pricing and perform exhaust work quite fast! I service all my vehicles at this shop .Kacper .
    Casper W
    23:44 22 Jun 18
    Very informative and great staff. Answered all my muffler questions and had recommended the black widow exhaust, which I am extremely happy with. Truck Sounds sexy!!! Thanks guys for squeezing me in and getting it done on my only day off!!👍👍
    patrick fortier
    18:27 20 Jun 18
    My experience was quite pleasant, the staff are all friendly and accommodating. I had some exhaust work done on my car and I could tell they treated it as well as I do. They got me in quick, did the work really well (I am very picky, so for a shop to nail it on the first shot is always positive). The owner even came outside to make sure I was happy with the exhaust modification they did which shows he cares not only about customer satisfaction, but that he cares about the quality of work his team puts out.I would definitely return and recommend Park Muffler. Thanks again!
    Aaron B
    20:32 08 May 18
    Went to get my cats out and the staff was very friendly and took care of me really well. Excellent service at a honest price. Came back today again with another upgrade because of the service I received. Highly recommend
    king 780
    16:54 05 May 18
    Went in to get a new muffler because I wanted some more sound from my new truck. Just showed up without an appointment ans they took me in within 10mins . They brought me back into the shop, which is usually a place of mystery that customers never see, and set up a couple of different muffler's so I could hear the difference between the two. It was very helpful in making my decision because I could hear exactly how it would sound on my truck. I didn't have to guess what it would sound like. They were very friendly and the price was reasonable. I will recommend them to all my friends.
    Sean Sackett
    00:12 08 Apr 18
    This week I had an exceptional experience with the Team at Sherwood Park Muffler Radiator Brakes & Tire. I researched a number of places that provide similar services with an extreme delta. The delta ranges from lack of knowledge of the products being sold, quality of the products being marketed, flexibility to accommodate schedule and cost for products and services. This rare exceptional experience was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. The Sherwood Park Muffler Team Prides themselves on their customer service and building relationships with their customers to be more than a business transaction. I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail in getting to know their customers as well as making every effort in transferring their vast knowledge into layman terms so that the customer can make an informed decision. This is a lost art in many of today’s franchised businesses. From the time you walk in to this family business to where you pick up your vehicle, you will experience the deeply engrained values of Respect, Integrity, Character and Care for People. Just like the glass in the lobby says...If you want cheap and fast, it won’t be perfect...if you want perfect and fast, it won’t be cheap....if you want perfect and cheap, it won’t be fast...The high quality of workmanship, professionalism and pride put into their work is a prime example of why I will always recommend anyone who needs work on their vehicle (import or domestic) for more than exhaust.... lift kits, lowering vehicles, shocks, struts, high performance parts and modifications for vehicles Cooling system repairTires and more!!Thank You Guys for an Exceptional Experience, you made my week! I will be back to discuss lowering my truck next...I HIGHLY Recommend coming in to see the Team for any of your vehicle needs, you will be thankful you did.Rob
    Spike Lee
    03:10 28 Mar 18
    First time coming here after hearing a grinding sound and assuming the worst. I knew my brake pads were grinding up against my rotor so I'd need all new brakes and rotors. They came to the same conclusion without me mentioning it. The price was very fair... around $550 for parts and labour. I called around for other quotes and it would have been $1000+ anywhere else. They got my car in right away, the owner Ed drove me to my house and back to the shop when the car was done. Awesome service, nice people, great price. Can't ask for anything better.
    Matt McLeod
    19:22 14 Mar 18
    Really honest guys. They won’t charge you for anything unless your car really needs it. Really fair prices and will even take you out and show you exactly what needs to be fixed and why. The owner and manager are fantastic and are always around interacting with customers. Will never go to another shop other than here. Highly recommend !
    Taylor EA
    19:01 14 Mar 18
    Already had a review up for a part these guys fabricated for me. This time I brought my car in to fit a catback and I'm really happy with the results! Done in under an hour and a half with no problems. Communicated with me here and there to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted and that was much appreciated. Very friendly staff, fair pricing and the wait was no issue with Top Gear on the TV! Thank you guys! Though, if I could make a small suggestion: a space heater in the front may be beneficial for those who are waiting! It got a bit chilly during the wait, due to the cold day. That's just a tiny concern and in no way takes away from the great service.
    19:08 10 Feb 18

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