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Wheel Alignment Services

    Service Overview

    Proper wheel alignment play a crucial role in your vehicle’s safety, performance, and tire life. Wheel alignment is so exact that it doesn’t take much to knock your wheels out of alignment. In fact, anything from potholes to driving down a dirt road can do it. Regardless of what caused the issues, the important thing is that you get it fixed. Driving with your wheels out of alignment can reduce overall control and handling, as well as cause serious damage to your vehicle if it’s not corrected.

    How to tell you need an alignment

    There are a few quick tests you can do to check if your wheels are out of alignment. The simplest way is to take your hands off the steering wheel while driving down a flat, smooth, straight road. Does your vehicle pull left or right? Perhaps it started to shake back and forth rather than continuing to drive straight and smoothly. These are both indications that you may need a wheel alignment.

    Another way to check alignment is to examine your tire wear. If all of your tires are fully inflated, they should wear down relatively consistently. If you notice uneven or inconsistent tread wear, there’s a good change that you need a wheel alignment.

    Proper wheel alignment ensures that you have optimal control over your vehicle. It also improves the lifespan of your tires, saving you money in the long run. The wheels are an important part of a vehicle’s steering system. It’s crucial that you get your wheel alignment adjusted on a regular basis; we recommend at least once a year. Is it time for your annual wheel alignment? Give us a call or stop by our service centre today!


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    What Our Customers Say

    This business owner and staff are very honest. I went there in May for my car exhaust to be checked for any leak. These guys gave the car an indepth assessment and told me the exhaust was in pristine condition except for one air hose that was disconnected. They plugged it back and released my car . When asked for my bill, I was surprised when the GM said it was just a small job and I should go. I am writing a review not because they assessed my car free of charge(they don't have to do that free ) but because of their honesty and competence. Some other shops would have kept the car for hours or days and cooked up bills. I want to strongly recommend this business to anybody looking for a honest and skillful mechanic without breaking the bank. Thank you Park Muffler.
    Gloryland Pharmacy
    Gloryland P.
    05:20 05 Aug 20
    Came in last minute, just an hour before they close as i needed my muffler to be fixed, and Eugene took me in even though they were really busy and Dennis did a great job on welding my muffler. I recommend park muffler, really good customer service
    johnny slasher
    johnny S.
    19:26 04 Aug 20
    I took my vehicle into Park Muffler for a check engine light. Long story short, it ended up being a lot more extensive than just replacing a sensor. Unprepared for all that was going to be involved I was quickly overwhelmed with everything that was needed to be be done. Sensing this, the owner took it upon himself to call me to explain everything, he stressed that his first priority was that I was okay and that I had a safe reliable vehicle for my children. The mechanic, Paco was more than thorough and honest about everything that was needed and I was treated like family. I was given a courtesy vehicle while mine was fixed and was constantly updated with what was going on and what they felt needed to be done. Vehicle repairs can be very overwhelming and as my first experience needed major work done, I was so grateful to have taken my car to Park Muffler. I would recommend this company to anyone and will continue to take my business there because they offer more than just a service, they take care of you like family.
    Kaitlyn Lux
    Kaitlyn L.
    12:22 03 Aug 20
    Went in to get an exhaust kit installed on my new Jeep Grand Cherokee. I had an exact sound in mind and after speaking to the guys they suggested letting them custom fab a complete system! Not only did they save me a bunch of money but the sound that they achieved was beyond my expectations.... first start up had me grinning ear to ear like a 16 year old! Thank you guys so much... very happy customer!
    ryan carter
    ryan C.
    18:00 31 Jul 20
    Got a new exhaust installed on my truck by Park Muffler. They noticed the tick the truck had as well while pulling it in for a quote. They did everything possible to find the issue, and managed to get it fixed up no problem. Cannot thank them enough for their honesty and hard work with my F150. The staff is great, friendly, professional. I will definitely be returning for my vehicle needs. Highly recommend.
    dani a
    dani a
    01:34 31 Jul 20
    Had a leveling kit installed. Needed a slight adjustment. No problem, done quickly at the end of a day and no charge. I came here because of their reputation, I got to see first hand what a good place this is.Highly recommend!!
    Tim Lloyd
    Tim L.
    21:52 30 Jul 20
    Great service. Got my Trans am sounding awesome
    Mick Rejewski
    Mick R.
    21:29 30 Jul 20
    Absolutely amazing service. Best shop around and fully ready with covid precautions in place. The radiator broke late on a Saturday afternoon and they fixed it up quickly and easily. My daughter was so impressed. We are booking ithr car back for follow up and other work. Only place we will be going now. Thanks so much.
    Tanis VoiceOver
    Tanis V.
    16:00 29 Jul 20
    Absolutely amazing staff! They took me seriously and saved me by getting me in the day of when my car was no longer safe to drive, they knew exactly what was wrong with it and fixed it that day as well as taking the time to go into detail of everything that needed to be fixed. I appreciate every single one of them there and will forever be going back!
    nikita gartland
    nikita G.
    20:38 26 Jul 20
    Great service, fair prices and a very honest staff. I went in sure I needed a new muffler, but turns out all I needed was a bit of welding, which they did in no time. Other shops I have been to would have jumped on the chance to sell me an entire exhaust system! I will definitely be taking these folks my future business!
    kevin meurin
    kevin M.
    18:44 25 Jul 20

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