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4 Signs Your Wheels Need Alignment

As any Western Canadian driver knows, our vehicles experience all kinds of bumps and bruises in day-to-day operation. Since daily driving is more of a requirement than a choice, it’s important to invest in the proper maintenance and upkeep of your automobile. Keeping your wheels aligned is one such task that will pay off in the long run. Read our quick hit-list below for the top four signs your wheels may be in need of inspection or realignment.

#1 Drift

Drift is when your vehicle pulls to one side or another and you find yourself correcting the steering repeatedly to compensate. Often drift occurs when tire pressure is low on one side of the automobile, but it can also occur if your wheels are out of alignment. Vehicle drift is often the first sign of major problems down the line, so have it addressed immediately.

#2 Uneven Wear

A good vehicle owner always makes sure to visually inspect their automobile before driving it. In doing so, always ensure to monitor the tire pressure and tread depth closely. If one or more of your tires are wearing unevenly, that is a surefire sign of poor alignment. Not only could this lead to early, costly replacement of a tire or two– it could mean your vehicle isn’t operating safely.

#3 Steering Wheel Off-centre

Occasionally vehicles can experience an off-centre or crooked steering wheel. This may not seem like a big deal if your vehicle’s performance is not impacted, but it may be a sign of trouble to come. Wheels with faulty alignment can often cock the steering assembly to one side– if this sounds familiar, it may be time to have your wheels realigned.

#4 Movement After Bumps

Another typical warning that your vehicle needs an alignment inspection? Any rattling, shimmying or other movement after you drive over a bump could mean your may be out of alignment. Pay attention to how your automobile behaves after speed bumps, potholes and other obstructions test your auto’s steering.

These tips are only some of the issues that could mean your vehicle could benefit from wheel realignment. If you have any concerns about your automobile’s steering or performance, contact or visit Park Muffler today!


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