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Maintenance Tips: How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

If you have invested in a vehicle, you know just how much it costs! From insurance to gas, from parking to car washes– there are few more expensive endeavours than keeping a vehicle on the road. Repairs and maintenance are among the highest costs of vehicle ownership, but they often offer the most value. Keeping your investment in peak condition will have long lasting positive effects, so read on for Park Muffler’s guide to extending the life of your vehicle.

Keep A Schedule

Upkeep of a vehicle can be annoying to keep track of, but there is a simple solution. Create a calendar where all necessary maintenance dates and deadlines are marked down, as well as any important thresholds. For example, oil changes should occur every few months or every few thousand kilometres— make note of this and stick to the schedule!

Timely Repairs

We have all done it before– you notice a noise while driving or see a problem spot on a tire, but you leave it for next time. Many vehicle owners feel that if gets fixed eventually, it is all the same in the end. Unfortunately, that is not true because a delayed repair could end up costing more in the long run. Take advantage of quick fixes that can be done affordably… A small investment now could mean big savings down the road.

Inspect Early & Often

If you really want to extend the life of your vehicle, a daily walk-around your vehicle and regular visual inspections could go a long way. Become familiar with fluid levels, brake pad thickness and the proper condition of other components– eventually you will be able to notice issues before they become serious problems. Responsible owners get to know their vehicles inside and out!

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Tires, steering and suspension are critical aspects of every vehicle on the road. Keeping these systems in good shape not only increases fuel efficiency and ensures safety, but it also contributes to the long term condition of the entire vehicle. Poor alignment can warp the frame, damage tires and cause other costly problems– keep your tires properly inflated and have any change in your steering inspected by a pro.

Park Muffler’s tips are just the starting point for keeping your vehicle on the road longer than the rest of the pack. Work with our friendly, experienced techs to create a maintenance regimen that works for your schedule. Contact or visit us today!


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