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  • What are Cold Air Intakes?

    What are Cold Air Intakes?

    Aftermarket modifications have risen in popularity when it comes to enhancing a vehicle’s performance. More and more people are interested in amping up the horsepower of their vehicle and boosting its fuel economy. While some modifications fall in a higher price range, others come at a modest price. There are some performance-enhancing components you can…Read More Here!

  • What is a Serpentine Belt?

    What is a Serpentine Belt?

    A serpentine belt is a single continuous belt that works to drive multiple functions of your vehicle. It drives the alternator as well as powers the steering pump, water pump, air conditioning compressor, air pump and more. It is named after its long and winding appearance and can be located at the side of the…Read More Here!

  • What is a Timing Belt?

    What is a Timing Belt?

    Also known as a timing chain or a cambelt, your vehicle’s timing belt is a part of the engine that synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft. It ensures that the engine’s valves open and close at the proper times during the intake and exhaust strokes. A broken or damaged timing belt can…Read More Here!

  • What is a Wheel Alignment?

    What is a Wheel Alignment?

    A wheel alignment is a standard part of your vehicle’s maintenance. When your mechanic performs a wheel alignment on your vehicle, they adjust the angles of the wheel to the vehicle’s manufacturer specifications. They do so by adjusting the suspension system of the vehicle, not the tires themselves. This helps to reduce the wear on…Read More Here!

  • What are the Parts of Your Exhaust System?

    What are the Parts of Your Exhaust System?

    Your engine works by creating thousands of small explosions that push against the pistons, which in turn rotates the crankshaft and eventually drives your vehicle’s wheels. These explosions produce leftover gases, known as exhaust gases, that are made of potentially dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, hydro carbons and nitrogen oxide. In order to keep…Read More Here!


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