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Tuning for Towing, Fuel Efficiency, and Performance

Are you looking to get the most out of your vehicle?

Whether you want to save on gas, go faster, or pull more, there are ways you can tune your car to increase its performance and capabilities.

Park Muffler is here to help you explore your options when it comes to improving your vehicle while keeping it safe and street-legal.

Let’s take a look at tuning for towing, fuel efficiency, and performance:

Tuning for Towing

If you bought a truck in order to haul heavy loads, it’s possible that you want to push the limits of your vehicle’s capacity and pull something bigger or heavier without stumbling.

However, a heavy load can do a number on your fuel economy or possibly burn out your brakes.

When it comes to tuning for towing, there are many options. You can get low-cost and easy upgrades or go big by adding tons of horsepower.

Overall, many towing upgrades will pay for themselves in fuel economy and spare you the frustration of struggling to pull heavy loads.

Here are some ways that you can tune your truck for towing:

Upgrade the Axles

Upgrading your truck’s axles enhances the gear ratio of your vehicle and allows you to tow heavier loads. 

Increase Suspension

Increasing the suspension will significantly lower the strain on your truck as you pull larger loads.

It eases pressure on your vehicle and improves handling and stability by preventing your truck from swaying side to side.

Upgrade the Brakes

When you pull heavier loads with your truck, you need to consider that your brakes will have to work harder to slow down the vehicle.

Upgrading your brakes and rotors prepares your truck to effectively manage the friction and stress caused by the additional weight.

Replace the Intake and Exhaust

Replacing the intake and exhaust on your truck will allow it “breathe” and improve overall performance when you need greater torque.

It will also increase horsepower to help you tow heavy loads.

Tuning for Fuel Efficiency

Car refueling on a petrol station closeup

Even though vehicles are designed to use fuel efficiency, there are always ways that you can increase your gas mileage. 

While normal maintenance tasks such as regular tune-ups can help your vehicle consume less fuel, you can also consider performance upgrades to improve fuel efficiency.

Here are some examples of upgrades you should consider:

Low-Rolling-Resistance Tires

Installing low-rolling-resistance tires is a simple modification you can make to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Rolling resistance refers to the energy it takes to rotate the tires, which is affected by the friction between the tires and the road – 4% to 11% of fuel consumption is due to tire rolling resistance.

DPF & EGR Deletes

DPF and EGR deletes are aftermarket kits that remove factory-installed components of your vehicle that limit fuel economy in diesel engines.

The EGR is the engine system that limits the amount of exhaust that is released into the atmosphere, but it increases the amount of soot that accumulates in your system. Removing this component can improve your engine’s efficiency by up to 3%.

The DPF filters exhaust particles, but it can reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy by 30% because it gets clogged over time. Cleaning the DPF is not always practical and affordable.

Air Intake System

An air intake system is an aftermarket part that ensures higher quality air is entering your engine, which can improve your vehicle’s mileage.

It sends colder and denser air to the engine, creating more power and saving money on fuel.

Tuning for Performance

You can unlock your vehicle’s potential with the latest tuners and other performance upgrades

Installing aftermarket and performance upgrades can improve your engine’s function and increase your vehicle’s performance if you are looking for more power and better handling.

Here are some performance tuning options for your vehicle:

Performance Chips

Performance chips are installed between the vehicle’s engine and computer, which includes the oxygen sensor, fuel injectors, intake valves, throttle valve, ignition system, and more.

A performance chip can enhance your vehicle’s performance by telling the computer that your vehicle has a bigger and more powerful engine than what the manufacturer told it.

Custom Exhaust Stacks and Tips

By upgrading your vehicle with a custom exhaust system, you can modify the sound your engine makes and increase its overall performance. 

It can help improve your vehicle’s performance by increasing exhaust flow, contributing to a lower engine temperature, reducing backpressure, and more.

Suspension Lift Kits

Lift kits not only make your vehicle look bigger, but they can help you improve its performance as well by providing more space to customize and enhance your vehicle.

You can use a leveling kit to level out your vehicle’s clearance or a lift kit to raise your vehicle up to 10 inches.

Get the Car of Your Dreams!

No matter your goals, Park Muffler can help you get the car of your dreams with our expertise and upgrade services.

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