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Routine Vehicle Maintenance

    Service Overview

    Did you know that the average vehicle contains approximately 30,000 parts? A vehicle is a complex system of electronic, mechanical, chemical and hydraulic components. These components wear down over time and without performing regular maintenance on your vehicle, you risk expensive and unexpected breakdowns and repairs. What may cost you a couple hundred dollars in routine repairs can save you thousands down the road. The first step in ensuring your vehicle is routinely maintained is to follow a maintenance schedule based on kilometers driven. Here is a breakdown of the maintenance tasks our trained mechanics at Park Muffler can perform on a regular basis:

    Maintenance at 6,000 KM

    Every three to four months, you should take your vehicle in for routine maintenance.
    Our service technicians will inspect and top up all of your vehicle’s fluids. These include:

    • Cooling System
    • Brake
    • Power Steering
    • Transmission
    • Windshield Washer

    They will also perform an oil change as well as replace the oil filter. At this interval, our mechanics will also check your tires and air pressure, exterior lights and windshield wipers.


    • Inspect and top up fluids
    • Oil and oil filter change
    • Check tires and air pressure
    • Inspect exterior lights
    • Inspect windshield wipers

    Maintenance at 24,000 KM

    By 24,000 km, or one year, your vehicle should be brought in for annual maintenance. This includes all of the routine tasks performed at 6,000 km as well as additional inspections and maintenance. At the one year mark, our experienced technicians will check your wheel alignment as well as rotate and balance your tires. They will also perform a brake system service which involves taking apart your brakes, cleaning and lubricating them as well as adjusting them. Another important annual maintenance task is to check and replace any air filters as necessary to ensure the air entering your vehicle is clean. Lastly, our mechanics will inspect your cooling system and take a look at your transmission.


    • All maintenance tasks performed at 6,000 km
    • Wheel alignment
    • Rotate and balance tires
    • Brake system service

    Maintenance at 48,000 KM

    At around the two year mark, all the previously mentioned maintenance should be performed in addition to the flushing and replacing of your fluids. Our mechanics will also check your ignition system and spark plugs and replace any if necessary. They will also test your heating and air conditioning systems and replace your fuel filter and PCV valve. At 48,000 km, you should also have the airbag systems and seatbelts checked to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.


    • All maintenance tasks performed at 6,000 km
    • All maintenance tasks performed at 24,000 km
    • Flush and replace fluids
    • Check ignition system
    • Check spark plugs and replace if necessary
    • Test heating and air conditioning systems
    • Replace fuel filter
    • Replace PCV valve

    Inspect airbag systems and seatbelts

    Maintenance at 96,000 KM

    Finally, at the 96,000 km or four year mark, all previous maintenance tasks should be performed as well as replacing components of your vehicle that are likely to be suffering from wear and tear. These components include:

    • Timing belt
    • Spark plugs
    • Ignition cable
    • Hoses and belts

    Every four years, you should also look at having your injection system cleaned.


    • All maintenance tasks performed at 6,000 km
    • All maintenance tasks performed at 24,000 km
    • All maintenance tasks performed at 48,000 km
    • Replace timing belt
    • Replace spark plugs
    • Replace ignition cable
    • Replace hoses and belts
    • Clean injection system

    Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

    It may be tempting to hang on to your dollars by ignoring the routine maintenance tasks required for your vehicle, but a few hundred dollars can go a long way to saving you thousands in unplanned breakdown and repairs. Contact us today to book your maintenance appointment! Let us help you keep your vehicle in affordable and working condition.


    Save time at the shop by booking ahead.



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    What Our Customers Say

    I dropped in to get a price for a piece of 3" exhaust pipe. They took me in right away, cut and bent the piece and sent me home. Very nice to deal with, quick, and really great pricing!
    Gary Gaudreault
    Gary G.
    20:42 18 Jan 21
    I showed up on a saturday morning, they got me in the shop, talked to me about their products, did a sound test for 3 or 4 of the different mufflers, i decided what i wanted and they installed it right away. Great job... very informative crew!! Black Widow for the win!
    Scott Henuset
    Scott H.
    21:00 09 Jan 21
    Very nice staff, with great services. Only place i come to for getting work done on my cars since 2015 never disappoints!
    Gurkirtan singh Padda
    Gurkirtan singh P.
    00:11 08 Jan 21
    Ed and the team here at park muffler are the best at what they do. Myself and a few of my frienda have been going to him for 20+ years. The service is great, work is great and they take the time to explain things when you have a queation. There is a reason he is so busy its cause hes the best at it. He has my business for life Check them out you will not be disappointed.
    Mike Aussant
    Mike A.
    21:12 06 Jan 21
    Great service had bad luck with ac Delco part great people and would go there again
    Ryan Chmilar
    Ryan C.
    00:47 06 Jan 21
    A great muffler shop located on the edge of Sherwood Park. I have been here a few times for misc. work / repairs on my vehicle and have always had a fantastic experience.They are reasonably priced, they stand behind their work and get the job done in a timely manner. I would recommend this business!
    Jesse W
    Jesse W
    22:59 30 Dec 20
    Went in yesterday for a muffler delete. The mechanic convinced me to put in a super 10. So far I love the sound of it. Everyone at the shop is super friendly. I walked in to get a quote and the squeezed me in right away! I would definitely recommend this place. I will be back for sure. Thanks guys!!
    Bearded Viking
    Bearded V.
    17:39 29 Dec 20
    I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped me they got my truck In on time and were able to get me great pricing. They even gave me food while I waited for the work to be done I would 100% recommend park muffler for any work you need and I can't wait to come back for my lift kit install
    james lasytchuk
    james L.
    20:05 24 Dec 20
    Great shop, great experience. Loved the quality work
    Kyle Hrynyk
    Kyle H.
    23:30 19 Dec 20
    It was an awesome experience, while picking out the exhaust I wanted they had already had my truck in the air ready to start work. Amazing speed and outstanding service!
    K Palamarek
    K P.
    17:09 17 Dec 20

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