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  • What is a Wheel Alignment?

    What is a Wheel Alignment?

    A wheel alignment is a standard part of your vehicle’s maintenance. When your mechanic performs a wheel alignment on your vehicle, they adjust the angles of the wheel to the vehicle’s manufacturer specifications. They do so by adjusting the suspension system of the vehicle, not the tires themselves. This helps to reduce the wear on…Read More Here!

  • What are the Parts of Your Exhaust System?

    What are the Parts of Your Exhaust System?

    Your engine works by creating thousands of small explosions that push against the pistons, which in turn rotates the crankshaft and eventually drives your vehicle’s wheels. These explosions produce leftover gases, known as exhaust gases, that are made of potentially dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, hydro carbons and nitrogen oxide. In order to keep…Read More Here!

  • How to Choose the Right Muffler

    How to Choose the Right Muffler

    The muffler is a cylindrical component attached to the exhaust that filters out the loud, explosive sounds from the engine. Inside the muffler is a set of tubes that are designed to reflect sound waves back and forth in order to reduce the engine noise. All vehicles come with a factory standard muffler but you…Read More Here!

  • Why Get a Custom Exhaust System?

    Why Get a Custom Exhaust System?

    Spending the money to replace something that comes standard from the factory may seem pointless, but there are benefits to having a custom exhaust system installed on your vehicle. The aftermarket parts that make up a custom exhaust system are designed differently than standard factory parts and can therefore improve many aspects of your vehicle….Read More Here!

  • What to Do If Your Battery Light Comes On

    What to Do If Your Battery Light Comes On

    While some warning lights on your dash don’t indicate an immediate issue, your battery warning light is one that you do not want to ignore. A battery warning light means that, for some reason, your battery is not recharging and it’s only a matter of time before driving your vehicle drains whatever charge is does…Read More Here!


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